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We are a Peruvian innovation lab that focuses on solving local challenges and needs through

the use of appropriate robotics & AI technologies.

What we do

We act as an expert’s center to develop local capacity for the use of appropriate robotics solutions in humanitarian, development, health and environmental efforts in Peru.

We provide field testing capabilities, specifically around cargo delivery, and help incubate new local drone-based service providers. We foster local demand by working together with local, national and international organisations in conducting robotics-related projects.

As a non-profit organisation, we focus on projects that directly benefit human life and the surrounding natural environment.


Cargo Drone Deliveries in Amazon Rainforest

Cargo Drone Deliveries in Amazon Rainforest

We traveled to the rainforest to explore whether cargo drones (UAVs) could realistically be used to deliver essential medicines in a sustainable manner. The drones delivered life-saving antivenom as well as blood samples to remote villages 40 kilometers away in both day and night autonomous flights.

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Disaster Recovery - Flooding

Disaster Recovery - Flooding

After the devastating floods in Peru in late 2016 and early 2017, Peru Flying Labs joined other partners to provide immediate information via drone on the flood-affected areas in Northern Peru. This helped search and rescue operations and provided 5cm orthorectified maps for damage assessment, and identification of stranded communities, safe areas for resettlement, and road access.

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Zika Reduction - USAID Grant

Zika Reduction - USAID Grant

WeRobotics and FAO/IAEA were recently awarded a grant from USAID aimed at reducing Zika incidence. WeRobotics is currently developing a release mechanism for UAVs which will be used to release sterilized mosquitoes to reduce mosquito populations. Field-tests are planned to take place in Peru in 2017 with Peru Flying Labs.

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Humanitarian Coordination

Humanitarian Coordination

WeRobotics and Peru Flying Labs co-lead, along with the World Food Programme (WFP), a workshop that invited members of Peru’s disaster management structure to experiment collaboratively with the use of aerial robotics and spatial data, the goal being to develop baseline conditions and best practices for safe, effective and ethical integration of UAV technology into disaster management workflows

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Juan Bergelund – Flying Lab Coordinator 

Juancho May 2015cropwebsiteJuan has worked in the information industry for more than 25 years and has held technical and managerial positions for Fortune 100 companies in the United States of America, to where he emigrated 30 years ago.
At iBasis Corporation he developed the Voice over Internet marketplace in Latin America, as Vice President of Latin America. Juan was responsible for all operations of the company in the region, including sales, marketing, engineering, regulation and legal affairs. Previously he worked at Oracle Corporation for the Latin America consulting division, where he provided technical expertise on the implementation of Databases to subsidiaries in the region. At Texas Instruments, he was in charge of the Patent Database for their Legal Division worldwide.
Mr. Bergelund has been a speaker at several conferences and seminars on internet projects and developments in Latin America, and has been a member of the Internet Society since 1993.
Starting in 2005 Juan decided to be a prophet in his own land and founded UAV of Peru, which currently leads the use and implementation of unmanned aircraft in emergency and disaster situations.


Lima, Peru